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My Love is an Assassin… (Chapter 2)

 Title: My Love is an Assassin… (Chapter 2)
Author: ryuuq_attay224
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff? , Romance, Drama
Pairing: Hyukhae, Kyuhae, Kyumin, Side!Hanchul
Disclaimer: English is not my first language. Sorry if this story is a failure. I don’t own SM TOWN.
Warning: Killing, a bit of bad talk.
Summary: Han Donghae is a cold heart assassin with reasons. He becomes an assassin because of 4 years ago that he can’t forget. One day, he meets a boy name Lee Hyukjae. He doesn’t know where he’s from. After the guy name Hyukjae step into his life, his life is totally changed.

The next morning, Donghae & Hyukjae still sleeping peacefully. Donghae feel very warm around him, he feels really safe. Slowly he opened his eyes. He looks the person in front of him and widened his eyes. Hyukjae hand at his waist and he even hug Donghae. Donghae push him and Hyukjae fall on the floor with a hard thud.

“Yah! What are you doing?! Why are you sleeping with me?!” Donghae shout at him. “Donghae, can’t you asks me one by one? Aish..Why are you pushing me? I’m tried to sleep.” Hyukjae says while his hand rubbed his back. “What did you do to me last night?” Donghae hugged his body. Hyukjae raised his eyebrows. “N-nothing.” “What did you do to me last night?” He asks Hyukjae again.

“I just lift you here from the couch.” “Just that?” Hyukjae nodded. Donghae asks the same question and stare at Hyukjae. “Okay I give up. I just touch your face because you are so cute when sleeping and that make me want to touch it.” Hyukjae says and he didn’t dare to look at Donghae. “Really?” Donghae asks. “Aish.. Did you live just for asking people?” Hyukjae stand up and look at Donghae.

He noticed that Donghae shirt has slide down and his right bare shoulder is shown. Hyukjae gulp and keep staring at it.

Suddenly, Donghae phone is ringing. He takes his phone that is place on the nightstand beside the bed and he flipped opened to answer.

“Donghae, you have a job now.” His boss says.
“What is it?”
“Go to XXX and take away his life.”
“Who?” Donghae didn’t understand what his boss mean.
“I’ll give you the detail. Just get ready, if not he’ll run away.” His boss says.
“Okay.” He says.

He cut off the line. Hyukjae just stare at Donghae exposed skin. “Yah!” Hyukjae jumped a bit because of surprised. “I have something to do now. You just stay here and don’t go anywhere.” Donghae says before he stands up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

“Yah! Lee Hyukjae! Don’t stare at him like that! You’ll be lost control!” Hyukjae slap his own cheek and he hiss in pain. “Maybe I just stop staring at him. No I can’t he’s too gorgeous but I’m gorgeous too.” He thought.

After Donghae finished showering he gets out from the bathroom. Hyukjae just can stand still like a statue at the same spot. Donghae raised his eyebrows when he look that Hyukjae still didn’t move. “Yah, what are you doing?” Hyukjae snapped and quickly enter the bathroom quickly and lock the door.

Because of his nervousness, Hyukjae take a shower with his cloth and pants on. He didn’t care because he wants the nervousness gone. Than, Donghae knock the door from outside. “I’ll go now. Don’t go anywhere.” Donghae didn’t know why he must say this kind of words to Hyukjae. Hyukjae just silent.

He remembers that Kyuhyun didn’t let Donghae go to anywhere alone even he’s an assassin. He quickly gets out from the bathroom and changes his cloth and pants. He step out from the room and look for Donghae. He runs and finally found Donghae in front of the elevator waiting for it to open.

Hyukjae didn’t have to say a word or patted his shoulder. Donghae already know that Hyukjae is behind him. “Why did you come here?” He asks. Hyukjae look behind him, his left and right and finally his gaze fall to Donghae back. “Did you talk to me?” He asks and Donghae look at him above his shoulder.

“Yes.” He really feels want to kill Hyukjae now. He’s really annoyed. “I want to follow you.” Hyukjae says and the elevator opened.


“Let me drive.” Hyukjae says. “This is my car. You’re just the passenger.” Donghae says and he enters the driver seat while Hyukjae enter at the passenger seat. Donghae start the engine and drive away from the car park.

They have reached their destination. “Just stay here.” Donghae says and he wants to close the door but Hyukjae question stop him. “Me? Bring me there too.” “NO!” He says and closed the door. Hyukjae crossed his arm. “That kid! It’s annoying!” Donghae cursed.

Donghae enter an abounded office and search for the certain person. He found him sitting on a chair. “Yah.” He called. When the person turn around, he shoot him directly on his forehead. The person lay on the chair died. “What the? It’s so easy.” Donghae smile. He step forward and look at the dead person.

He take out a knife and stabbed his heart even the guy is already dead. “That’s why my boss tells me to kill you. Bastard like you is useless. Go clubbing, drinking & fuck some girl. Really useless. ” Donghae smirk and let the knife buried at the guy chest.

When Donghae want to step out from the place, he feels an aura that he really hates. He turns around and as he thought it’s him. “Donghae, long time no see.” The guy says. Donghae start to breathe heavily because the 4 years memories keep replaying every time the guys appear. “W-what do you want?” He asks shaking. “I miss you so much Hae. Did you miss me?” The guy asks but Donghae still silent. The guy step forward and stand in front of Donghae. Donghae has freeze, he’s too afraid to move.

The guys lift his hand and caress Donghae cheek. He slipped his arm around Donghae waist and brings him closer to his body. Donghae snapped and struggle to free from the guys. “Why Hae? You like it right?” Donghae keep struggling. “D-don’t touch me and let me go!!” Donghae manage to push the guys away from him and give him a death glare.

“You really change. I didn’t want to kill you because I want to keep you. But, the point is you didn’t want.” The guys say calmly. “Who want to become your sex slave?!” Donghae shout and the guy just laugh. “I don’t want that but I want more.” He says at Donghae ears and licks it. Donghae push him and hold his ears.

“You’ll regret.” Donghae says and step out from the place leaving the guy alone. Donghae found that Hyukjae already change his seat from the passenger seat to the driver seat. Donghae didn’t care he just enter at the passenger sit and tell Hyukjae to drive off from the place.

They go to the nearby café. Donghae needed to relax himself. After they have order. Hyukjae just look at Donghae. “Hae, what’s happen?” Donghae look at him and shake his head to left than to the right.

They drink the drinks that have serve without talking with each other. Donghae put the glass down and spurt out a name slowly but loud enough to make Hyukjae hear it. “Junsu.” Hyukjae hear it but he didn’t dare to ask Donghae. He worried that his life will over.


In the hotel room. Donghae is sitting at the balcony looking at the busy city, Seoul. Hyukjae is weird, Donghae become really quiet when he comes back from the place.

“Who is Junsu? Maybe his friends?” Hyukjae thought.

He sit on the bed, he crossed his arm and think. His phone is ringing suddenly and he’s surprised. He picks it up.

“Hyuk, do you want to go to the aquarium?” Kyuhyun asks.
“Depends on Donghae.” He says and looks at Donghae at the balcony.
“Hyuk, open the door!” Hyukjae can hear Sungmin shout at the background.

The line is cut.

“Open the door?” He thought.

He stands up from the bed. He walked towards the door and opened it. He widened his eyes when he sees his twins and Kyuhyun outside it. “You call me from in front of this room?” Kyuhyun nodded. Sungmin pull Kyuhyun inside. “Yah, Min. Who give you permission to enter this room?” Hyukjae asks. Sungmin ignore it.

From the balcony, Donghae can hear very loud noise. He wants to look who is it but he’s body refuse to walk. Suddenly, he hears a sentences that attract him. He doesn’t know whose voice is it. “Let’s go to the aquarium.” A voice shouts from the living room.

Donghae peep from behind the wall. “K-kyuhyun?” He didn’t know that he’ll meet Kyuhyun back. Kyuhyun noticed Donghae behind the wall and called for him. All the gazes are now land on Donghae. Hyukjae walked to him and pull his arm.

“Do you want to go to aquarium?” Hyukjae asks. “No. I don’t want.” Donghae says stubbornly. “Really?” Kyuhyun asks and Donghae try not to say anything.


They finally have entered the aquarium. Hyukjae look at Sungmin annoyingly. Sungmin always cling at Kyuhyun. “Min, stop doing like that. It’s annoying.” “Why? Because you doesn’t have a couple right?” Sungmin stick his tongue out to Hyukjae. “If you want asks Donghae to do like Sungmin.” Hyukjae look at Donghae that is walking in front of them.
“Okay. I’ll not complain anything about you from now on.” Hyukjae give up.

“I’ll show you the different side of Han Donghae here.” Kyuhyun says to Hyukjae. “Here?” He’s weird and why aquarium?

They look at Donghae that are wondering alone. Than, he stopped in front a big clown fish aquariums tanks. He places both of his palms on the aquarium tank glass. One of the clown fish comes to Donghae and Donghae smile.

“Mr. Fish, did you remember me?” Donghae asks. The fish swim up and down that’s mean the fish remember him.
Donghae always come to the same aquarium tank with his family. After the accident he never goes to the aquarium and this is the first time.

“Mr. Fish, I really miss you. You miss me right?” The fish swim up and down again. “I really hope that I’ll go here with my family but…” Donghae lower his head and clutch his hand into a fist on the aquarium tank. The fish start to swim in various directions in front of Donghae.

Slowly, Donghae lift his head and look back at the clown fish. “What happen? Did you worry about me?” The fish swim up and down again. Donghae giggles happily. “I’m okay now. Thank you for worrying about me Mr. Fish.” Donghae says and kiss the aquarium tank glass where the clown fish is.

Meanwhile, Hyukjae is surprised with Donghae attitude change. He didn’t think that Donghae can be innocent like that. Talking with a fish, it’s the cutest thing he found from Donghae.

“Kyu, you’re right. Donghae is so adorable. But, I’m weird why he becomes an assassin? He doesn’t suit to become one of them.” Hyukjae says and Kyuhyun chuckle. “Hyuk, Donghae only show half of his attitude. Sometimes he’s always crying during sleeping because he’s afraid. The rest you should need to know by yourself.” Kyuhyun explain while Hyukjae stare at Donghae. Donghae is smiling happily and talking with a cute fish.

Kyuhyun called for Sungmin but there is no response. Kyuhyun look around to find Sungmin but, he can’t see even his shadow. He starts to panicked. “Hyuk, Min is gone.” Kyuhyun says to Hyukjae and he widened his eyes.

A/N: As usual critic, good, advice & bad comment is except by me. If the story gets boring tell me.. By the way, enjoyed reading it..
Tags: fic : my love is an assassin, hyukhae, kyuhae, kyumin, masterlist, rating : pg-13

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